Residential Solar & Battery

Our expert residential solar & battery team offer solutions for renewable energy.

Residential Solar & Battery

We’re dedicated to empowering homes with solar and battery storage. Our commitment extends beyond mere installation; we design and implement a diverse range of solar and battery storage solutions. Partnering with renowned brands like Tesla, Sungrow, Alpha, Redback, and more, we ensure access to top-quality storage solutions for our clients.

Our in-house team comprises CEC-accredited technicians who execute every project to the highest standards of precision and expertise. We take immense pride in our workmanship, backing it with a lifetime workmanship warranty to assure our customers of enduring quality and reliability in their residential solar and battery installations.

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Maximise Energy Savings

Blackout Protection

Renewable Energy

Why use solar and renewable energy?

Solar systems have become inexpensive and will produce high-quality electrical energy for more than 25 years. Electricity prices are always rising so energy you can generate with a new solar system will save you thousands of dollars per year. By installing solar panels, you are also generating clean energy thus helping the environment and adding value to your property.

Our experienced team provide a variety of renewable energy services that will benefit your home or business. We support you throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition in using your solar, EV charging or other renewable energy system.

Reduces electricity costs

Environmentally Friendly

Added Property Value

Long Term Savings

Solar Services FAQs

We optimise solar panel performance in Adelaide by selecting panels with high efficiency and implementing proper orientation. This ensures maximum energy production, even in varying weather conditions.

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We stay updated on government incentives. Currently, Adelaide residents may be eligible for rebates and incentives for solar and EV charging installations. Contact us for the latest information.

Yes, we are a licensed and insured solar service provider. Our credentials ensure that your projects are handled with professionalism and compliance.

Safety is our priority. We follow industry standards and regulations to ensure safe EV charging station installations in Adelaide, providing peace of mind for users.

Absolutely, we offer routine maintenance for solar panel systems. Our services ensure optimal performance and longevity, maximising your investment in clean energy.