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For commercial and residential properties.

We offer excellent customer service at Ozora.

We are here to help with your electrical, solar and renewable energy needs. If you have any queries, please contact our friendly team to help you.


Our friendly team is here to help you, give us a call or fill out a free quote form and we can assist you with any issues you may have.



Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, and we are here to help you.

Helpful Team

Excellent Service


Our team is highly qualified and has over 10 years of experience. We deliver exceptional results that will improve your home or workplace.


10+ Years

Cost Reduction Initiatives

With Ozora, all jobs are completed with cost reduction in mind. We understand ongoing maintenance can be expensive, so we use our experience and expertise to help you save.

Overall, we offer a service that will reduce the cost of both preventative and reactive electrical work for the duration of the contract. Our diligent processes aim to significantly reduce your overall costs.

Ways we’ll reduce your costs:

An Audit of Location Requirements

Creating and Maintaining Asset Registers

National Buying Power = Better Material Prices

Centralised Account Management

Consistent Pricing

Preventative and Reactive Programming

Asset Improvement Suggestions


Specially Trained Technicians

Common Stock on Hand to Reduce Reservice Calls

Company History

Ozora is a privately and locally owned business providing electrical, solar, and battery services.


Ozora has now expanded to service a range of clients in all areas of electrical, solar, battery storage and EV charging. Our experience in the industry makes us the right choice for your project no matter how big or small.


2021 saw the addition of air conditioning certification and further accelerated growth and capability, our teams experience also sky rocketed with the acquisition of key staff members in Estimations, Sales, Commercial Project Management and Marketing.


2018 saw the addition of solar certification to our business which accelerated growth and capability.

Cheap as Chips

In 2017 our efforts awarded us our first large contract over 500K, the project involved mobilisation of technicians to travel and complete work across South Australia and Victoria.

Kia Pregio Van 2015

In 2015 our team expanded to 3 with the new addition of a new van. We were awarded a contract for the installation of fibre to over 1000 homes in South Australia.

Asset Management & Maintenance Solutions:

With our experience, we can custom-build maintenance solutions that will prioritise your safety.

Proactive asset maintenance programming

Maintenance budget forecasting

Compliance with all statutory requirements

Detailed testing and asset reporting

Software and Systems

24/hr Access

Key customers have access to our online portal. This allows 24/7 access to book and view jobs, review and accept quotes, and access all invoices and statements. We’ll work with you to meet any reporting or integration requirements to help deliver a seamless process for your contract.

simPRO Software

By using simPRO software, we’re able to centrally-manage and develop every aspect of our business. It also allows flexibility to integrate automation and reporting for any projects. With simPRO Asset Manager, we can program all preventative tasks to ensure they’re completed within the correct timeframes.